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The Editorial Strategy

The materials proposed for publications must be updated and should contain important theoretical and experimental elements, new, original and recognized as valuable by at least two personalities or specialists in that field, members of the Scientific Editorial Board. Materials or paragraphs taken from other authors (plagiarism), tables and illustrative materials taken without mentioning of the bibliographic source will not be published.

The authors will submit manuscripts in English, on paper and electronic form (Word files/Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP) to

The papers will be accompanied by the necessary information regarding the authors’ phone, fax, e-mail address. The same requests apply for all the co-authors.

Each proposed article will be subject of review process (peer-review), based on the above principals, by two reviewers, members of the Scientific Editorial Board. The review process will take up to 14 days. The results of the peer-review process are communicated by email to the main author together with the observation resulted from the specialized review. The articles that shall not be published will not be returned to the authors.