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Guidelines for the authors

In preparing of the proposed materials for publication, we recommend the respecting of the following rules:

The works must have an obvious character of originality, the authors being responsible for the content and for the property right of the published information.

The materials are presented collected on computer, font size 12, 1.0 line spacing, with all diacritical marks, listed on one side, A4 format, in a single copy , accompanied by the magnetic support. Is recommended to use the Microsoft Office Word with the default font Times New Roman, without changes or variants; with equations editor included in the program (to avoid other equations editors that even are better, are less portable); with scanned figures and introduced in the document, but also the .jpg, .tiff file of the each figure; the tables, the figure captions and the bibliographies are collected with font Arial 10.

Titles and subtitles will be short, accurate and defining; they will be shown both in Romanian and English. Under the title is written the full forename and surname of the authors, preceded by the academic or scientific titles. After the name, is specified the work place.

Each article will be accompanied by a brief summary. It is recommended to have the summary written both in English and Romanian.

The authors will use a fluent phrasing, without annoying phonemes, respecting the rules of grammar and the orthographical, the ortoepia and punctuation of Romanian according to the current rules of The Romanian Academy (eg. the writing with “â” and “sunt”).

The scientific terminology and the symbolism will comply with generally accepted standardized rules, and the measure units will be those of The International System.

The formulas will numbered and will be cite in small brackets.

Tables will be included in the text. They will be called “The Table” and numbered. It is recommended that the tables should have a title. In the table, the sizes are accompanied by a measure unit, in the same column or line.

The figures will be included in the text in the proper place and will be named abbreviated “Fig.” followed by the current number. Is recommended the figures shall have legends placed under the respective figure.

The bibliography required to any article will be numbered and cited in square brackets, in the order of the citation in the text. The order of presentation of the titles in bibliography is the following: the author’s last name, first name initial, the title of the article or of the book, the review in which appears together with the number of the tome and with the current year, the publisher and the locality for the books, page and the year of publication.

All the publications of the “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House shall have the logo and the publishers name written on the cover.