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Studies in History and Theory of Architecture

Studii de istoria si teoria arhitecturii
Universitatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism "Ion Mincu"
ISSN (Print) 2344-6544 / ISSN (Online) 2457-1687 / ISSN-L 2344-6544
publicat: 2013

sITA – studies in History and Theory of Architecture is a peer-reviewed journal, with both online and print versions and ISSNs. It is published annually by the “Sanda Voiculescu” Department of History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest and covers a wide range of topics related to architectural and urban history and theory, focusing not only on Romania, but also on relevant regional and international issues.


Nr. 9 / 2021
Ideas at Home
Housing Concepts in Architecture
Nr. 8 / 2020
Architectural Aesthetics
An Old Matter Revisited
Nr. 7 / 2019
Seasoned Modernism
Prudent Perspectives on an Unwary Past
Nr. 6 / 2018
Too Much or Not Enough
Nr. 5 / 2017
Limits within the Urban Realm
Nr. 4 / 2016
Architectures of Uncertain Margins
Nr. 3 / 2015
De Urbanitate
Tales of Urban Lives and Spaces
Nr. 2 / 2014
Indigenous Aliens
Mediators of Architectural Modernity
Nr. 1 / 2013
Printed in Red
Architectural Writings during Communism